Enrichment Programs

ENRICHMENT CLASSES are given free to all our students. Learning Is Fun would never allow classes to be given to some children, but withheld from others because their parents did not “pay extra.” All our children are given the same advantages!

Art Classes are designed for the children to:

  • View and discuss many reproductions of fine art
  • Develop a keen sense of observation
  • Gain appreciation of fine art among our hundreds of reproductions
  • Understand how elements are combined to create art
  • Aid in developing small motor skills
  • Create a sense of delight in their own art abilities

Learning is Fun Preschool Art Enrichment Classes

Music Classes are designed for the children to:

  • Enjoy both vocal and instrumental music
  • Learn to control their voices in music
  • Explore playing many different instruments
  • Develop an ear for chords
  • Understand the basics of written music with our unique learning method
  • Compose their own music


Foreign Language Classes are designed for the children to:

  • Learn counting, days, weeks, months, colors, greetings, and simple conversation
  • Experience customs and festivals
  • Play games and sing songs
  • Extend usage into their regular classroom


Science Classes are designed for the children to:

  • Explore the principals of cause and effect
  • Develop inductive and deductive reasoning
  • Predict what might happen with experiments
  • Gain logical thinking skill


I Can Problem Solve Classes* are designed for the children to:

  • Learn HOW to think, not WHAT to think
  • Practice thinking for themselves
  • Evaluate their own ideas
  • Learn a problem-solving vocabulary and thought process
  • Use skills in real-life situations
    *Parent version of “I Can Problem Solve” is “Raising a Thinking Child”